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Dr. Errol Rummel
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Welcome to the Low Vision Care Center

The Low Vision Care Center is dedicated to the non-surgical rehabilitative care of patients with difficult or unusual vision problems.

Dr. Rummel, director of the Low Vision Care Center, is one of only a few eye doctors to have been chosen for membership in the International Academy of Low Vision Specialists.

Low Vision Care

Low vision care is the examination, diagnosis and non-invasive rehabilitation of adults and children who have limited vision, not correctable medically, surgically, or with regular eyeglasses or contact lenses.

Special custom made visual enhancement systems called "low vision glasses" are designed and prescribed by Dr. Rummel, to enhance the vision of patients with partial sight or side vision loss. Miniature microscope or telescope lenses are used in the low vision glasses.

Thousands of patients with low vision and legal blindness have been successfully treated at the Low Vision Care Center, even those who have been told that nothing more can be done for their eyesight.

You deserve this chance to improve your vision to maximum capacity.

Please call our Low Vision Hotline (888) 838-0188 so that Dr. Rummel can speak with you in order to determine if you are a candidate for low vision care.

Eye Conditions Treatable by Low Vision Care

Low vision may be due to involvement in any part of the eye.A partial list of conditions amenable to low vision care includes: macula degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, visual field defects, complicated cataract, glaucoma, Retinitis Pigmentosa, corneal disease, degenerative myopia, retinal scars, optic nerve atrophy, stroke, head injury, multiple sclerosis, and amblyopia.

What Shall I Bring to My Initial Office Visit?

  1. Bring only the eyeglasses or magnifiers that you use,
  2. Have a friend or relative with you during all examinations,
  3. Bring your eye vitamins,
  4. Bring a sample of the newspapers, magazines or other items that you are having trouble reading.

How Much Does Low Vision Care Treatment Cost?

Like hearing aids, low vision glasses are an out of pocket expense. The cost of custom designed telescope glasses varies depending on the complexity of your eye problem and what you need to see better.

Some people need more than one pair (for example: one for driving and one for reading).

You control what you spend by only purchasing the telescope glasses you need or want. We want you to be happy with your telescope glasses, so you'll have the opportunity to actually look through them, and you'll know how much better they make you see.

We look forward to seeing the smile on your face when you realize how much better we can make you see

What are My Chances of Success?

Much of that depends upon the individual. In order to determine if you are a good candidate for vision improvement, Dr. Rummel will personally speak with you on the telephone when you call the Low Vision Hotline at (888) 838-0188.

Patients, who have specific visual needs such as reading, television, or seeing faces and are motivated to learn to use low vision devices, will be most successful.

Our unique low vision evaluation allows you a chance to to actually look through the low vision glasses being prescribed for you. This way you will know for sure how much better you will see with the glasses.

For more information on Low Vision, visit our companion websites: and

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